2008-12-15 A03: Can users unregister themselves from the site

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As we will be automatically registering users when they purchase from the store, and some users may not want to be registered, the question was raised if users can unregister themselves from the site.  Walt to investigate and report with a recommendation on how to accomplish this.


Drupal does not currently (V5) allow a user to remove themselves. An administrator can remove them. This has been a long standing issue since V4. V6 punted on it. V7 is working on it, e.g. http://drupal.org/node/8#comment-1179455

There is some chance that the V7 work will be backported to V5 or V6 but don't hold your breath. We will probably switch to V6 in 6 months to a year and V7 in two years or so.


The purchase process requires a place to hold the shipping address and the order information, at least until the process is completed. This is the registration record. It may be possible to add another checkbox to the purchase process that says (Delete after shipping). Then Gary could delete them when the whole shipping process was done. I would advise waiting a bit because he might get questions about something wrong with what arrived a few days later. But I think it would be a bad idea to every really get rid of it. Perhaps what we should do is anonymize it after a week or so, i.e. change skittish_user to anon12345 with a disabled account.