2008-12-31: Put together training program for people entering data

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Phil, Ken, Ann
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This action item entered in response to issues that have come up with new people entering data for hikes and parks ...  for example, Walt noted the following:


"If you looked at the hikes you changed, you should have noticed that the font was wrong. Pasting from WordPerfect pasted font information, that the Paste from Word did not strip. I fixed them.


We need to change our training program for people entering data. NO Word or WordPerfect!!! Or they have to learn enough HTML to clean up the messes they make.


Looking at Phil's recently changed Apshawa Preserve, I see he has a link to one of Daniel's hikes but not on our site. This is another training issue."  

(However, in this case, that hike doesn't appear to be in our database yet, so including an external link for now might be a valid stopgap -- thus the need for a policy on what to do in cases like these.)


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Plan details

Guidelines for entering or updating Hike, Park and Region descriptions will be added to the Site User guide.  Ann will provide a stub page.  Ken and Phil will help by writing what they do when adding new parks, regions or hikes.

Later (Phase 2) we can develop a training module to use one-on-one or in a small group setting if we need it.