2009-01-05 A13: Determine how email addresses for registered users are managed across Web site and ebase

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Hard race condition

Currently the two sides are maintained independently by different people and there are no good time stamps to tell which is the latest or even if they want the two to be different. The best than can be done is to export the web email addresses and write a script in ebase to match and compare with ebase addresses. Presumably most will compare equal and that will be the end of it, but some will have to be followed up by staff. The web has room for only one email address. Ebase has room for two but almost nothing exposes the second one. In the other direction, we need to mark members on the web so that if they order something they get the member rate. We can assume if the email addresses are the same, they are the same person, but the names may not match, using full name on one and nickname on the other for instance. This situation is a strong incentive to move membership records to the web sooner rather than later.