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I'm going to need a good screen grab to use for Trail Walker--SOON. Can we get some real ads into the right column, maybe a thing or two for a map/book?

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right column

You should be seeing Google ads at the top of the right column. I do when I am on as Walt Daniels, but not as webmaster because Google forbids website personell from clicking on the ads. Probably all of you should also be forbidden. The Spotlight Item now in the middle of the front page should be moved to the right column. That is us advertising our own goods. Perhaps I should install one of the product rotators so that people see different ones, just like the Google ads change. The Sponsored links should be taken down until we have a paying customer. ---------- The other way out of date front page items need to be modernized before shooting the screen. The spotlight item is also dated. I can do a Walkable Westchester one. That will make it look like we are right on top of things.

info updates

I will update the home page and other material once TW content is shipped off to Lou this weekend. A lot of the updates will be coming from this material in any case.