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UEF Work Log PIPC UEF Final Report 2013-2014 2014 Annual Work Summary 2014 End of Season Report
  UEF - EPF 125135 Final Report 2014-2015 2015 Annual Work Summary  
  TFP I - EPF E09067P9 Final Report 2009-2015    



1.01 Appalachian Trail overview REFERENCE ONLY.pdf9.42 MB
1.02 Appalachian Trail overview REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.16 MB
1.2 wayside REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.97 MB
1.4 wayside REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.61 MB
1.5 Trails for People overview REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.04 MB
2.0 Why Build Trails REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.3 MB
2.1 Levers and Leverage REFERENCE ONLY.pdf992.93 KB
2.2 Trail Construction Techniques in Steep Areas REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1006.62 KB
2.3 Trail design REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.31 MB
2.4 Rigging and Highlines REFERENCE ONLY.pdf993.55 KB
2.5 Who builds the trails_ REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1.04 MB
3.0 turnpike REFERENCE ONLY.pdf429.61 KB
3.1 puncheon REFERENCE ONLY.pdf647.21 KB
3.2 bog bridge REFERENCE ONLY.pdf626.74 KB
3.3 corduroy REFERENCE ONLY.pdf777.19 KB
3.4 stepping stones REFERENCE ONLY.pdf773.91 KB
3.5 open culvert REFERENCE ONLY.pdf415.5 KB
3.6 bridge REFERENCE ONLY.pdf1019.47 KB
3.7 climbing turn REFERENCE ONLY.pdf519.63 KB
3.8 step stile REFERENCE ONLY.pdf394.32 KB
3.9 crib wall REFERENCE ONLY.pdf575.91 KB
3.10 rock splitting REFERENCE ONLY.pdf382.23 KB
3.11 stay on trails REFERENCE ONLY.pdf490.05 KB
4.0 Demonstration Trail REFERENCE ONLY.pdf928.89 KB
4.1 stone paving REFERENCE ONLY.pdf205.26 KB
4.2 turnpike REFERENCE ONLY.pdf173.44 KB
4.2 turnpike REFERENCE ONLY.pdf173.44 KB
4.3 crib wall REFERENCE ONLY.pdf249.57 KB
4.4 bridge REFERENCE ONLY.pdf252.5 KB
4.5 stairs REFERENCE ONLY.pdf252.79 KB
4.6 coping stones REFERENCE ONLY.pdf236.18 KB
4.7 rock splitting REFERENCE ONLY.pdf277.59 KB
4.8 gateway REFERENCE ONLY.pdf237.55 KB