Adding images

1. Log in by entering your user ID and password.

2. Find the hike/park that you want to add the picture to, and then click on it. If you are properly signed it, when the hike comes up on the screen, there should be a series of small boxes just below the title of the hike. Click on the second box, which says "Edit." After a while, the "Edit" screen will appear (this could take time).

3. Scroll down until you see the word "Picture." Below that, it says "Upload a new image," and to the right of that, there is a box that says "Browse." Click on that box, which links to the files on your computer. Click on the various entries until you reach the picture that you want to add to the site. Then click on the picture to add it to the page.

4. Click the box on the line below that says "Upload." When you do this, wavy lines start moving through the box on the line above. When the wavy lines stop, the picture itself will appear, with its title to its right. At this point, the picture has been successfully uploaded.

5. You then must save the changes by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and clicking on the "Submit" button. That completes the operation, and once the website has processed the change, the updated page with the picture will appear on the screen.

6. Note: Sometimes, you will get an error message that appears in pink. It contains some kind of incomprehensible gibberish, often to the effect that you don't know how to use grammar or syntax, and that you need to read some kind of obscure user manual that you never heard of. If this happens, and the picture was not saved, just start over again. If the picture was successfully saved, you can ignore this nonsense.

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Adding images

Suggest you mention that the resolution should be 300 x 300.

Don't worry about the

Don't worry about the resolution. Drupal will take care of that. The resolution will be 72dpi. The 300x300 is the height and width and assumes you have square pictures. You should crop the picture before uploading to be square. I think it will resize the picture to fit the available space, but will yield to anyone who has done the appropriate experiments. I don't know if will automatically crop or if it stretches. Someone should comment on this comment if they know the answers.