Additional theming

We need help with some additional theming:

  1. Register page (for Join/Renew)
    • Walt -- is anything still needed here?
    • Doug has said what to do.  We have pdf to give them.  Walt to provide fields.
  2. Volunteer pages -- nothing for Trellon at this time.
    • Implement flow as defined by Catherine, including switch page and forms.
    • Provide theming if needed
  3. There may be some additional page or block themes required that would be slight variants of existing ones. 
  4. Clean up zebra stripe defaults to use dual tan colors and undo changes for triple striping.
  5. Explain relationship between style.css and trails.css  -- get uncompressed version?
  6. Zebra stripping of hikes table. I tried emulating what is done for parks and it doesn't work. We also have a problem with the zebra stripping on the parks page in IE, not FF. However tables in general seem to be zebra stripped but with different colors so perhaps I just have to find where those colors are set. The template code may have just been to do the 3 color instead of defalt 2 color. I also note that the IE anomoly may be related to what column is sorted on as the sort column is also marked with the darker color. Perhaps we just want to turn off the sort column coloring.