Anomalies in theming D6 vs D5 -- Ann's list

I did some comparison testing on 5/30/2010. Here are some things that appear differently.   Please review and annotate appropriately (e.g., overstrike if fixed; comment if new way is to be "THE WAY", etc.) so we can make sure all are addressed.

General theming:

  1. Bottom footer with copyright notice, TC address, etc. does not appear. [6/9/2010 The $footer_message variable was not set to be output from page.tpl.php. I changed page.tpl.php to include this variable. - Bill]
  2. Left and right columns have green background on D6, white on D5. [A recent change by Doug on D5 that was not made on D6. WD]
  3. The center column headers (e.g. the Go Hiking header) are taller on D6 than on D5. Do we really want them to use up the extra vertical real estate? [Isn't this the same as the H2 issue below? 6/2/2010 I added CSS class entries in several places in trails.css to add classes that D6 changed from D5 to correct this on the home page. May be other places where D6 changed a D5 class name - Bill] I think they are the same size. They just look larger because the type is smaller. [WD] The top black admin band is slightly larger on D6 than on D5. [I added admin_menu_toolbar.css to the theme and changed the font size for the toolbar so that there was enough room for all of the toolbar text without causing another line - Bill]
  4. The base text size is smaller [6/3/2010 Removed html-elements.css from theme - Bill][WD]
  5. Block headers that are bold green and underlined on D5 are showing up as white text in a solid green bar on D6. (Applies to Go Hiking and other Go ... blocks, for example.) On D5 some blocks use the solid bar style and others the underlined text.  [All the H2 headers need to be changed to be the same size and spacing - there are several different ones. WD][See my note in item above about center column headers - Bill]

Left column:

  1. Block pointing to Go Hiking views lacks "Trail Finder" heading on D6. Very peculiar bug. Chrome would not touch the config page for the block - got an error. IE complained about an error on config page but allowed editing it. Just did a resave and the problem went away. WD
  2. The left menu in general is not the same. [WD]
  3. "Follow" block is missing on D6. Not configured to show - don't know why. [WD]

Home page:

  1. HOTW block has white background. It is shaded on D5. [The div on D5 is assigned class="content", on D6 it gets class="pane-content". Changing the class to content or adding CSS entry for pane-content class will provide the shading. 6/1/2010 added appropriate class to trails.css - Bill]