Awkward Register and Join/Renew process

The process of registering and joining or renewing membership is in the process of changing to make it easier. The central problem is that our main database of members is offline and the web does not know anything about your membership unless you tell the web by filling in fields correctly. This problem will take at least 6 months to a year to solve. 

The smoothest flow occurs if you do things in this order: 

1) Register as a user on the Web site by providing a user name, email and password.

In addition, if you are a Trail Conference member or are purchasing a membership at this time, check the box that asks if you are currently a member. We believe you but verify while processing the order. It is ok to check this box if your order includes a membership and you are just joining or renewing after a lapse. The membership # is optional. If you fill it in it helps the office process the order.

If you don't register or are not logged in to an existing account before ordering, you will be forced to register/login before you can check out. Your cart contents will be transferred to your registered account.

2) While you are logged in to the Web site, place your membership order. 

You will be asked to enter some redundant information right now -- please do so and be aware we are trying to improve the flow so you won't have to next time you renew your membership.

We were so excited about making the databases of hikes and parks available as quickly as possible that we decided to launch the new site with a few know rough edges.

We ask for your patience as we work to improve this process.  If you would like to see a little more information about the difference between Registering for the site and Joining the Trail Conference as a member, go here.

3) Make sure you complete the registration process by clicking on the link in the email we send you when you register!   We do this to thwart spammers -- unfortunately, their promiscuity means we have to ask you to take this extra step.


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Site issue - can I customize password and username

Hi, just became member.  I'd like to customize my username and password, but can't find the standard "My Account" or "My Profile" tab.  Can I do this - or is there a plan to allow people tocreate their own profiles?  Thanks. JH

Your profile can be accessed

Your profile can be accessed by clicking on your username directly under the social media links in the left menu area. You cannot change your username once you are registered except by sending an email to [email protected] who has sufficient permission to change it. It must be unique on the system so you may not be able to get exactly what you want. We encourge people to use their real names as their username. While editing your profile you can change your password and fill in a lot of demographic information, and even choose which of that information is publicly available.