Block placement not working properly

The left sidebar blocks are not in the right sequence top to bottom. Attempting to move them in the block admin page does not work. You can move them on the admin page and the move is confirmed, but the placement is not actually changed. This may be a limitation in D6 due to a large number of blocks on our site.

See this link:



Very curious behavior. It seems to work correctly on D6theme with our theme enabled. It fails on full new site. One observation is that when you click on blocks it comes up with weight fields showing but then when the page is fully loaded they go away. This does not happen in the simpler d6 sites. Perhaps some module we turn on overrides block behavior.

The above drupal link has nothing to do with this problem. It is an issue about the number of active blocks in a region, not the total number of blocks. 

However in talking with Ann it occurred to me that the "feature" of the weight column appearing for awhile  while the page is loading means that my browser is doing a lot of work figuring out how wide to make the columns because of the number of entries, only to have to recompute once it decides not to show the weight column. Once you submit/save, it probably has to send back all the weights and that may have an issue on the server end.

The forums say:

This is really nasty. See #3 solution. 



The above patch disables the drag and drop and you have to set the weights explicitly, but it works.