Contributed Modules Status

D5  D6  D7  D6ok  Comments 
Active Template 5.x-1.1 no no    
AddThis Button 5.x-2.1 yes yes     
Admin links 5.x-1.5 yes no    
Administration menu 5.x-2.8 yes core    
Advanced User 5.x-2.2 yes no    
Backup and Migrate 5.x-1.2 yes  no    
Book access 5.x-1.0 yes no    
Calendar 5.x-2.7 yes no    
Content Construction Kit (CCK) 5.x-1.10 yes core    
Checkout (Content locking) 5.x-2.0 yes no    
Contact Forms 5.x-1.14 yes no    
Content Templates (Contemplate) 5.x-2.04 yes no    
Content Taxonomy 5.x-1.x-dev yes no    
Date 5.x-2.8 yes  d7cx    
Views Date Range Filter 5.x-1.7 no no    
Diff 5.x-2.1 yes no    
errorEvent 5.x-1.x-dev  yes no    
Find URL Alias 5.x-1.4 no no    
Form store 5.x-1.0 no no   abandon
Global Redirect 5.x-1.5 yes no    
Glossary 5.x-2.7 yes no    
Google Analytics 5.x-1.9 yes yes    
Image 5.x-2.0-alpha4 yes no    
Image Caption 5.x-2.1 yes no    
ImageAPI 5.x-1.5 yes core
ImageCache 5.x-2.5 yes d7cx    
ImageField 5.x-2.6 yes no    
Image Picker 5.x-1.4 yes no    
IMCE 5.x-1.2 yes d7cx     
Image Assist 5.x-1.8 yes no    
errorJob queue 5.x-3.0 yes core    
errorJavascript Tools 5.x-1.2 yes no    
Link 5.x-2.6 yes d7cx    
Link checker 5.x-2.4 yes no    
LoginToboggan 5.x-1.6 yes d7cx    
Masquerade 5.x-1.5 yes no    
Mollom 5.x-1.8 yes d7cx    
warningNewsletter Checkbox 5.x-1.x-dev no no    
Nice Menus 5.x-1.4 yes no    
Node clone 5.x-2.6 yes no    
Nodewords 5.x-1.13 yes no    
NYNJ_Custom  no no   Site customization - needs porting
Organic groups 5.x-8.1 yes  d7cx    
Page Title 5.x-2.3 yes yes    
Panel Style 5.x-1.0-beta1 yes no    
Panels 5.x-2.0-rc1aI yes no    
Panels Form Elements 5.x-1.x-dev (2008-May-25) no no    
Pathauto 5.x-2.3 yes d7cx    
Phone (CCK) 5.x-2.15 yes no    
Printer, e-mail and PDF versions 5.x-4.9 yes d7cx    
Profile Privacy 5.x-1.2 yes no    
Quick Tabs 5.x-1.4 yes d7cx    
Search Engine Referers 5.x-1.2 yes no    
Secure Pages 5.x-1.7 yes core    
SEO Checklist 5.x-2.0 yes no    
Signup 5.x-2.7 yes no    
Simplenews 5.x-1.5 yes no    
Simplenews on register 5.x-1.2 yes no    
Site map 5.x-1.3 yes no    
SWF Tools 5.x-2.4 yes no    
TAPIr 5.x-1.6I no no   No longer needed by ubercart
errorTinyMCE 5.x-1.9 no no   Replaced by Wysiwyg 
Token 5.x-1.13 yes core    
Top Searches 5.x-1.1 yes no    
Tracker 2 5.x-1.14 yes no    
errorUbercart 5.x-1.7 no no   Upgrade to Ubercart 2.x - Trellon patches
uBrowser 5.x-1.4 no no    No longer needed by ubercart
Ubercart Ajax Attribute Calculations 5.x-1.6 yes no    
errorUbercart Addresses 5.x-2.1 yes no    
errorUC Discounts 5.x-1.x-dev (2008-Oct-23) yes no   Trellon patches
errorUbercart Donation Products 5.x-1.0 yes no    Trellon patches
UC Payflow Pro 5.x-1.0-beta2 yes no    
Update Status 5.x-2.3 core core   but addition module to cover part of function
User List 5.x-1.x-dev (2009-Jan-05) yes no    
Username originality AJAX check 5.x-1.3 yes  no    
View UI Sort 5.x-1.3 no no    
Viewfield 5.x-1.5 yes no    
Views 5.x-1.6 yes core    
Views Bonus Pack 5.x-1.2-alpha2 yes no    
warningViews Calc 5.x-1.x-dev
yes no    
Views Checkboxes 5.x-4.1 no no    
Voting API 5.x-1.6 yes yes    
Webform 5.x-2.9 yes no    
errorwebform report 5.x-2.2 no  no    abandon - security issue
Workflow-ng 5.x-2.2I no no   use rules module
Wysiwyg yes yes    
Zen theme yes yes    
D6 addons needed         
jQuery UI