Create a group

  1. Create content - create a group and select if public or private
  2. On the group page click on the pages tab
  3. Give it the same name and fill in the url with group url  and check publish, then submit e.g. url will be
  4. A panel page pops up, so select a layout (Two column stacked_third is a good choice)
  5. On the list of pages select this new page as the home page and save
  6. You can now edit this page and put content on it. You can also add other pages as tabs.
  7. There are a few blocks that are convenient to add: The Welcome block goes in the header and tells what the group is about. The Discussion block goes in the wide right column and provides a river of news where group posts wind up.
  8. Other blocks to consider adding are a list of members, meeting schedules, etc.