D5->D6 Project Plan

The project is to upgrade our Web site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. This is the high level project plan as revised 3/22/2010.   Key changes:
  • Project is taking longer than planned.  Schedule slipped by two months
  • Only one test system will be used -- technical constraint of one security certificate per ip address
  • Will not be separating code into chunks.  Will instead keep careful track of who is changing what via Change Log entries on live site.
     What               Who        Planned (actual) start  Planned end  Actual end  Status         Build 3 test systems one test system Walt  1/8/2010 1/15/2010    exists but needs to be rebuilt  Build D7 system Walt  1/9/2010  1/15/2010    done on pre-alpha  Build CiviCRM D6 system Walt  1/17/2010      exists but not configured  Establish change control guidelines (php code, use action items for other changes)  Team  1/11/2010  1/18/2010  2/24/2010  Use Change Log content type on live system   Document system build process (including little things that need fixing after code is ported)  Walt  1/11/2010  3/15/2010    Walt keeping notes in Change Log.  Need to create a document later.  Create chunks of system for porting  Walt  1/08/2010  1/13/2010     Assign owners to each  chunk  Ann  1/11/2010 1/15/2010      Attempt port and document what we think we can fix, where we need help  Team  1/15/2010 2/1/2010    Still working to identify where we need help  Find help for stuff we can't do ourselves  Walt, Ann  2/1/2010 4/5/2010   Plan to engage Kipp Watson  Port and test system Team 2/1/2010  2/28/2010 4/30/2010      Build alpha system for stress testing  Walt  3/1/2010  3/5/2010  5/15/2010      Prepare system for launch  Team  3/5/2010  3/29/2010 5/28/2010      Launch new site  Team  3/29/2010  3/30/2010 6/1/2010      Perform post-launch maintenance  Team  4/1/2010  4/15/2010 6/15/2010      Close project  Ann  4/15/2010  4/30/2010 6/30/2010