D6 Ubercart

Current state 

D6 test is now running vanilla Ubercart without any of our changes. D5 Ubercart has a number of major changes that need to be examined for continued relevance. Some decisions we might want to revisit are anonymous purchase, gift memberships, USPS address checking (implemented and then uninstalled). There are pending D5 changes to use weights instead of flat rates for shipping. D5 bypasses the calculate shipping button. We have a mark me as a member hack installed (I have seen a different implementation of this on another site where it notices that you have a membership item in the cart and does it automatically.)



  • Membership and Donate products have extensive theming code that is tied to a particular node number. These might be better implemented as template files. It makes it very hard to add other donations and membership products.
  • Family memberships ask for second names before the user has supplied the primary name (unnatural). This was intertwined with gift memberships when we had them - the code is still there but commented out. The mistake was implementing gifts as part of a membership rather than as a standalone product.
  • Two new feedback items that appear to be IE failures (which we know about and document) imply that we need to check if this problem is abated by D6 (I sure hope so). Currently css compression is off on D6 for theme debugging reasons so it is not possible to checkout (pun intended) the IE issue. Bill probably knows whether we can turn on css compression without causing theme failures. I have not tried.

Proposed changes

Add and test various modules


Known issues


  1. Discounts don't work 
  2. Fees (not added in - probably a config issue)
  3. Shipping not automatically computed (will not be an issue if we add a FedEx option) Need to test that it is done even if button not pushed.