Editing content in Blocks on a panel page

Examples of blocks: Hike of the Week, Trail Mix, and Featured Story on home page (these are the primary ones that have regularly changing content ).

You must have the appropriate level of editing permission. If you attempt the following and nothing happens, contact the webmaster.

Note: This is only about editing already created blocks.

Note 2: I generally size the photos at 170px x 170px (For HOTW, just click on hike photo and save; then add it to the field in the way one does in text boxes.)

  1. Hover your cursor over the box content
  2. At the top of the box, a little message will appear: "Configure block"
  3. Click on that message; the editing page appears
  4. Enable rich-text and edit as described in the Intro to Content Editing
  5. Scroll to bottom and click on Submit block. Your content is saved.