Editing site content

This section contains a number of pages describing how you should edit content on this site.  It is the source of tutorial information for the new volunteer and also contains descriptions of how to do some of the trickier editing that even experienced content editors may need to reference from time to time.

General Guidelines for All Authors and Editors

An Introduction to Editing Content

Click here for a step-by-step basic introduction to how-to add content

Using the TinyMCE Editor

When you edit a field that allows rich text in rich-text mode, you use the TinyMCE editor.   We have not been able to find a good user guide that describes TinyMCE, so the best way to learn its features is to mouse-over or click on the icons that are displayed at the top of the edit block.  However, the following draft user guide does provide some information that may help you: Moxie draft user guide

For important hints from our volunteer editors on editing rich text on the site, please read Rich Text, Plain Text and the TinyMCE Editor.  It may save you rework if you do!

Guidelines for Various Content Types

If you have been assigned a task involving any of the content types below, you can find specific instructions on what to do when creating or editing content on the following pages:


In addition, there is information about some of the trickier procedures one may need to follow: