Failure to click on Calculate Shipping creates invalid credit card info

FIXED: The shipping cost, if applicable, is now calculated automatically when you supply the shipping address.  

 Right now, contrary to the prompting message, one must click the "Calculate Shipping" button when placing and order, even if there is nothing to ship and the cost is zero. Failure to do so causes an error message. Not only that, the credit card info is invalidated, even though it appears to be ok.

The workaround is: Go back and click the calculate shipping button and clear each credit card field, then reenter it. When you then click the Validate Order button, the transaction should be okay.

We are working to correct this so you only need to click Calculate Shipping to recompute the shipping, for example, when you decide to ship to a different address.  Until then, it is necessary to do the extra data entry if you neglect to click Calculate Shipping the first time through.


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Shipping prices are indepedent of ship to location

So there is no need to click the button to recompute. it should be clicked once before entering credit card info.