Firefox may not accept our security certificate

If you use Firefox as your browser and get this message:

Secure connection failed. uses an invalid security certificate.

Please note that this is not true.  It is a known problem that some Firefox users experience.


All browsers have a built-in list of Certificate Authorities (CA) that they accept without question. Certificates are checked by asking the CAs if they accept the particular certificate that the site offers. Firefox is missing the following CA: The Go Daddy Group, Inc. Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority Go Daddy Class 2 CA Our certificate was issued by Go Daddy and is backed by this CA.


The fix is to accept our certificate as an exception (follow the exception links on the rejection popup). This will add the above CA to Firefox's list of CAs and you will no longer be bothered with invalid certificate messages from our site or many other sites that have Go Daddy certificates. Alternatively use Internet Explorer or almost any other browser as they have the Go Daddy CA in their built-in CA list.

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