Initial Trellon Work Orders

This section contains the initial work orders for Trellon.  They are in priority order.

Note: Before restarting work, Trellon needs to recopy theme code from us as changes have been made in various places. Please work with Walt Daniels to coordinate.
  1. Work Order 1: Complete Ubercart implementation
    1. Get Payflow backend installed and working
    2. Make Gift memberships work (this will require a phone session with us to articulate the design more clearly) (A portion of this work fits under the prior SOW -- the gift membership flow was never completed.)
    3. Fix problem with list price and member price being the same (not billed - part of prior SOW)
    4. Work with Josh and Gary to verify that things work all the way through (contact Ed Goodell to arrange)
  2. Work Order 2: Clean up zebra stripe defaults to use dual tan colors and undo changes for triple striping.  (This may require a phone call with Walt to clarify what needs to be done.) Color specifications are:
    • Dark band color: DBDBA4
    • Lighter band: EEEFD8
  3. Work Order 3: Fix breadcrumbs.  (This is part of prior SOW -- breadcrumbs are not working properly, primarily on panel and view pages.)
  4. Work Order 4: Theme register page (for Join/Renew)
    1. We have pdf to give them.  Walt to provide fields.
    2. Get rid of the account panel tab except for those permitted to use it. (Walt thinks it is an artifact of recurring payments which we aren't trying to support in phase 1 so perhaps just turning that feature off is a temp fix.  Discuss implementation with Walt before doing the work. 
  5. Work Order 5: Site Performance
    1. Have Trellon system engineer analyze our implementation and work with us to make suggestions on if and how we can improve overall performance.  In particular, make recommendations on which modules to install and which to remove, and advise on whether we need to install memcache 

In addition, we would like to arrange a phone consultation with Walt Daniels and Trellon technical expert to answer a number of questions and determine if these are things we need to ask Trellon to help us with. 

Sample questions include:

  1. Theming issues for store code:
    • center area too wide - pushes right sidebar to bottom
    • 25% discount is calculated off a penny on some items
  2. IE performance issues when rich text is enabled -- we have discovered that pages open much faster if there are no rich text enabled blocks -- do we have to run this way?  or can we get around the problem somehow so blocks that really cry for rich text enabled editing can default that way?
  3. Unpredictable (to us) effects of changes to pages in IE -- is there some sequence of steps we need to take to make sure any changes we make to look and feel of content get applied in a consistent order so all users see the change at the same time? 
  4. 120% DPI issues in IE:  e.g., Tabs wrap and things don't work nicely.  Walt thinks there are some CSS fixes that can be applied to resolve these issues.  Can Trellon give us an estimate of the cost to do this work?
  5. Explain relationship between style.css and trails.css  -- can Walt get uncompressed version?
  6. There are several features that we would like to use, Lightbox2 and maybe Popup, that require jquery_update. I have installed this and it makes messes and fails. It is messy to uninstall it but I believe I have done so. There is probably a conflict with some other JavaScript we have loaded.  I don't remember the details of the failure. However I have it installed on other Drupal sites I maintain and it works so it is not inherantly broken.
  7. What options are there for preventing two people from editing the same field at the same time and one or the other or both losing their changes?  I.e. how can we manage or eliminate simultaneous revisions.
  8. We would like to protect the email addresses and phone numbers of our member club hike leaders who provide that information as a mechanism for getting more detail information about the hike.  Is there a way to protect this from spammers collecting information?