Interpersonal Relations

Corporate Board Model

Traditional Board Model

TC Board Model

C | T |Mixed

Trust is Critical in Culture

Board & Exec Can Have "Parent-Child" Relationship

 lack of trust T

President/CEO Is Often Voting Board Member

Executive Director Is Not Board Member


More Effort to Get Board Involvement

Board Is Involved In Operations


CEO Is Spokesperson

Volunteer President Is Spokesperson

who ever is available M

Corporate Titles Understood by Public

Executive Director Title Has Wide Ranging Operational Meaning

  bull - neither should care about title

President/CEO Can Overstep Authority

Traditions Limit Executive Director Authority


Staff "End Runs" to Board Unacceptable

Staff"End Runs" to Board Tolerated

Manyof board are get back channel because of their role as volunteer M

Challenge to Motivate Board Members

Board Members Are Involved In Operational Details