Lower half of /cart/checkout screen messed up in Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8, other browsers are not affected by this issue. 

In some cases, IE 8 users see an incomplete or garbled shopping screen. This is a known Microsoft issue. If it happens to you, the workaround is to click on the Compatibility View icon (the torn paper icon next to the URL at the top of the IE window) or alternatively, to select Tools -> Compatibility View to add the nynjtc.org site to the list of Web sites that should be viewed in compatibility mode.

(See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956197 for detailed instructions.)

The problem is made worse by server or internet in general slowness. Clicking on refresh/reload and/or turning compatibility on/off a few times, sometimes fixes it.

We are working on converting to a newer release of the web software we use which may or may not fix the proglem.

For immediate relief use a different browser, which all work correctly.


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Still unable to enter payment information

Please fix the problem. I've tried several to renew my membership and purchase books and maps. I'm able to enter all the information except for payment information. It's frustrating. I e-mailed the webmaster to get help, only to get a "try again" reply. Web transactions should not be this difficult! You probably are losing many sales and new members. I don't understand why fixing the problem is so difficult.

Still unable to enter payment information

Carneg - I apologize for the problem you are having on our web site.  In the meantime, you can call the office (ext: 11) to order.


 Gary Willick

Fulfillment Coordinator

Your lousy web site.

I do not intend to get a different browser just to us your website to buy maps & books. I have no problem with any other web site I buy from. I will let Jim Canfield ( my trail conference representive) know on Sunday how lousy the site is when we are doing our trail maintenance on Schunemunk Mtn. Yue lost a sale today from me and no telling how many other sale you lost because of this. Probable thousands of dollars of sales. Roy Williams Life member Past Interstate Hiking Club President IHC Hike leader

Cry Me A River

Get over yourself, Roy. Can't wait to meet you in the woods.

Roy needs a hug!

Roy needs a hug!

Website frustration

Sorry you encountered difficulty and frustration on the Trail Conference website and that as a consequence you are not taking advantage of today’s sale. I assume, but am not sure, that you are using the Internet Explorer 8 browser. We are frustrated that this Microsoft product has issues with the site that previous versions of the browser did not have. Did you try the suggested solution (not the new browser suggestion) and did it fail to work? Like a trail, the website needs constant maintenance to adjust to outside technological changes that fall like blow-downs and block our way. Like your work on the trail helps hikers, any help you can offer—by way of letting us know just what is not working—will help our volunteer web maintainer clear the obstructions.

checkout window

I was able to enter all the information. However, once I've entered the credit card number, etc., THERE IS NO "NEXT" button. Rather than telling me to use a different browser, you should be figuring out how to fix this. Other screens reveal all the code behind the window, which is not cool either.


II found the problem while using Internet Exploer 8. I found the problem in the lower part of the screen and could not find the Review Order button. It’s all messed up and I thought am I hacked or something. Now, I am relieved that there is a issue internally. Clickbooth affiliate

Checkout Screen Problem

One of the easiest solutions if you encounter this problem is to simply use a different internet browser, such as Google Chrome. I kept getting the Internet Explorer error message, so I just logged in using Chrome and had no problem at all and was able to buy the new Catskills maps.