Overview of the site for new visitors

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (TC) Web site is your place for comprehensive information about the hiking trails in the greater NY-NJ metropolitan area.  In general, these hikes are located within a two hour drive of Times Square.

At present the site provides descriptions of parks in the various regions and includes a large number of hikes you can do.  Using the trail maps and the various guides that you can purchase from our online store, you can also design your own hike.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

The site is organized in what we hope is an intuitive way for you to quickly find what you need.  Of course, at any time, you can enter keywords into the site's search bar at the upper right and find any references that exist on the site.

Go Hiking leads you to information about parks and specific hikes. There is also essential information on how to prepare for a hike, trail etiquette, and trail conditions.  Our organization is made up of individuals as well as a large number of hiking clubs.  These clubs organize hikes that you can join, and we point you to their Web sites so you can find out more about their activities.

Be Informed is the entry point for all sorts of information about the hiking experience and Trail Conference activities.  This section is still under construction, so it may not have everything you'd like to see right now.  Please send us your suggestions of things to add or improve here.

Get Involved is an important part of the site.  Here you can learn about our advocacy, conservation and on- and off-trail stewardship activities.  We are a volunteer organization and would love your help!

Go Shopping takes you to our online store where you can order maps and books from our excellent collection.  We also have some other stuff, like shirts and hats and patches with our logo.

Community is the collection point for active participation in the site.  Here you may access forums and blogs and track the most recent activity of users on the site.  You can check our current  job openings (both volunteer and paid) to see how you can help us.  As a Volunteer, you can access forms needed to report on your work. 

About tells you a little bit about the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference:  our mission, our history, our people, our organizational structure, and how to reach us.