Prospective Author Proposal for Meandering in Morris

If you would like to be the author of the proposed book about hiking in Morrris County, New Jersey, please submit a written proposal that includes the following information. The proposal should be sent to the Publcation Committee, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, 156 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430

The working title is Meandering in Morris and is to have a format similar to  Walkable Westchester (websitetable of contentssample chapter).

  • Each park is a chapter which can have smaller nearby or adjacent parks part of that chapter
  • Guide to trails in Morris County - description for individual trails which the reader will link together to make a hike.
  • Contains information about a park - miles of trails, acres, permited uses, driving directions, public transportation; nearby or adjacent parks
  • Parks are arranged by size rather than geographically
  • Table of Contents
  • Index
  • Cover design will follow current TC book model
  • Maps done by professional cartographer
  • Layout and typefont recommended by book designer

All proposals must include

  1. Information about the author including address, e-mail, and phone number
  2. Length of time you expect to take 
  3. Draft table of contents
  4. Estimated number of pages
  5. Photographs - who will supply them
  6. GPS track of trails - who supplies, submits to cartographer 
  7. Introductory material - outline or list of what is likely to be included, which is be 10% or less of the total number of pages
  8. Supplimentary and background material - how information about geology, flora, fauna, and history,etc. and the format in which it will be presented such as separate chapters, or within each chapter as text, as side bars, or at the end of a chapter.
  9. Side bars - whether or not included and if so, what a list of suggested topics
  10. Back material - Additional resouces, contact information (phone number and website) 
  11. List of competing titles with author, publisher, date and price.
  12. Writing sample
  13. Sample chapter (park) for book                            

The Publication Committee will

  • Accept or reject your proposal
  • Assign a project manager and editor
  • Make arrangements to have material checked by someone other than the author
  • Establish a preliminary budget including projected sales, cartography, book layout/design, marketing materials 
  • Retain the copyright
  • Determine price of book based on projected costs

Contract negotiation and agreement to follow the Trail Conference's Style Sheet are part of the acceptance process. For more about our publication process see our manual.

It is recognized in the publishing industry that an author is primarily responsible for promoting their book such as helping at outreach events or giving presentations. To aid in that process, the Trail Conference will supply materials and assist with press releases. In addition, the author is expected to assist with maintaining web pages to enhance the book.

Send your proposal to to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. Publications Committee, 156 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Author Contracts/Agreements:

All materials published by the Trail Conference need to becovered by an agreement or contract. Without an agreement or contract, copyrightand rights cannot be determined and payment (donations are encouraged) cannot made. Written agreements and contracts protect both the Trail Conferenceand volunteers by delineating responsibilities as well as establishing schedule parameters.