Potential CCK issues

While working with the hike node type on the theme site I discovered that the CCK field information may be stored differently in the node than it is in D5. For example, I created a hike node type and added the "field_length" field and populated it. The node-hike.tpl.php file from D5 is attempting to access the data in that field like this: $node->content['field_length']['#value'] but the data is actually stored like this: $node->field_length[0]['value']. This was discovered using a feature of the devel module. The D5 way of accessing field data used on a node type created on D6 does not work. This raises interesting questions on what will break when the live site database is copied over to the D6 site. Doing a little research on drupal.org led me to this page http://drupal.org/project/cck which explains in some detail a procedure to upgrade a D5 CCK to D6. Maybe this upgrade procedure will take care of the differences noted above. Bill

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The CCK update procedure

The CCK update procedure will fix the database, but not the code that references the database in old ways, e.g. node-hike.tpl.php. Fortunately we don't have very many of these sorts of references, a few tpl files, nynj_custom and template.php.

I don't think any of these do any harm if run before cck and the database have been fully updated. You just get a messed up display until they are fixed.