It is now six years since the last edition of the Long Path Guide. In that time much has happened, both to the trail and to technology that keeps track of it. Work on the Shawangunk Ridge Trail was completed so that it now forms a continuous path from High Point State Park in New Jersey to the traditional Long Path route near Sam's Point Preserve. Two major relocations in the Catskills completed in 2001 have removed many miles of road walking.

Technology has made easily possible for the first time an accurate trace of the entire route of the Long Path. The maps in this book are produced from a complete GPS trace of the entire Long Path, both on the traditional route and along the Shawangunk Ridge Trail route. The thickness of the line representing the Long Path route on the maps greatly exceeds the error of the GPS units in marking its actual trace.

There are many changes in the presentation in this edition of the Long Path Guide. First of all, it's larger in overall dimensions, reducing the amount of page turning and making room for larger photographs and more readable maps. This edition features all new maps designed specifically for it. The section maps now all overlap each other so that there is no ambiguity in how to go between sections. Also new are the section profiles showing how the elevation changes with distance traveled. The Guide includes GPS co-ordinates for the official parking areas for those that are inclined to use the latest technology. Ed Walsh has allowed me to add his "Backpacking the Long Path" booklet as a new part of this book so that more people can take their wandering spirit a little farther afield. Finally, all of the photographs are new.

— Herb Chong, 2002

Cartographer and Editor


September 18, 2015

The hard-copy guide, which was published in 2002 and reprinted in 2005, has been sold out for several years and is very much out-of-date by now. There exist plans to publish a backpacking version of the guide, and work is proceeding on a complete map set, but currently we only offer the online guide. This guide is contineously updated, and exists as a web version as well as pdf files, without pictures, for easy printing.

— Jakob Franke

Long Path Co-chair