Random Issues

As we go through the final weeks of testing, issues are bound to surface. We would like to have Trellon help us resolve these issues as they appear. This is a place to record issues as they appear and we engage Trellon to assist us.

  • There are several features that we would like to use, Lightbox2 and maybe Popup, that require jquery_update. I have installed this and it makes messes and fails. It is messy to uninstall it but I believe I have done so. There is probably a conflict with some other JavaScript we have loaded.  I don't remember the details of the failure. However I have it installed on other Drupal sites I maintain and it works so it is not inherantly broken.
  • What options are there for preventing two people from editing the same field at the same time and one or the other or both losing their changes?  I.e. how can we manage or eliminate simultaneous revisions.
  • We would like to protect the email addresses and phone numbers of our member club hike leaders who provide that information as a mechanism for getting more detail information about the hike.  Is there a way to protect this from spammers collecting information?
  • We want to globally modify the color of the link from the default blue to a more subtle color; will provided the color.

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Why can't I add a new comment ... ?

Why can't I add a new comment to the "Additional theming" page located at http://new.nynjtc.net/book/additional-theming ? The "Add new comment" click-thhru is missing.

Tis a mystery to me. It

Tis a mystery to me. It should be there as far as I know.