Site performance

As we test the site, we find there are things that impact our productivity and frustrate our users. We would like Trellon to work with us to analyze performance and recommend solutions to the most annoying issues. In particular:

  • Have Trellon system engineer analyze our implementation and work with us to make suggestions on if and how we can improve overall performance.  In particular, make recommendations on which modules to install and which to remove, and advise on whether we need to install memcache.
  • IE performance issues when rich text is enabled -- we have discovered that pages open much faster if there are no rich text enabled blocks -- do we have to run this way?  or can we get around the problem somehow so blocks that really cry for rich text enabled editing can default that way?
  • Unpredictable (to us) effects of changes to pages in IE -- is there some sequence of steps we need to take to make sure any changes we make to look and feel of content get applied in a consistent order so all users see the change at the same time? 
  • 120% DPI issues in IE:  e.g., Tabs wrap and things don't work nicely.  Walt thinks there are some CSS fixes that can be applied to resolve these issues.  Can Trellon give us an estimate of the cost to do this work?