Suggested theming fixes

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Many of the content types have no theming and would benefit from theming. Several of those that do have theming need additional fields displayed. The project will be fixing the underpinnings of much of the theming and it will be relatively easy to make some minor changes in the theme while doing so. Views also have theming needs.


  • customize style tools to work with our design (headlines, captions, colors, etc.)
  • edit indent/block quote style to eliminate rules above and below text

All Views

  • create default themed template consistent with design

Hikes - content & view

  • theme the Trail finders
  • display linked TC book in View
  • merge Other features and Features fields and display all in view
  • make multiple choices possible in Historic features and display in view

Parks - content & view

  •  theme the Trail finders
  • display linked TC book in View
  • display nearby parks in View
  • perhaps change display name Walkbook Region to just Region and use linked Region instead of unlinked field
  • Perhaps add some like "Not applicable" to displayed fields when there is no content--for example Buy Trail Map is empty in many regions
  • Delete for now the display of the historical feature at end (not working properly), ie, "in Mine" or "in Settlement"--it's also puzzling

Historic - content & view