Teaser too short (particularly on products)

On the page with the catalog products such as Maps or Books what it is displaying is the so called Teaser version of the full text shown if you click on the link. The length of the teaser is bounded by the value in the Post settings. I think it displays all complete paragraphs that do not cause the length to exceed the post length. For other reasons we had decreased the post length to 200 characters. The teaser length is set using the value in the post settings at the time it is saved. 200 is too short for many of our books and maps. I fixed the two entries that have problems by temporarily setting the post setting to a large number, resaving the products that were getting truncated, and then setting the post setting back to 200.

So if you edit the text of any products or create new products, (it doesn't matter if don't change the length - just submitting causes the problem), let me know and I will do the above magic to make it right.