Trail Assessment

Chair to be appointed

Objective 2: Determine an assessment process (results of strategic plan committee, April 2009)


Critical Tasks

(1 year tasks)

Deliverable or Outcome

Due Date

Responsible Parties


     Staff  Volunteer(s)  

1. Define deficiencies and assets

Data Dictionary

Sept 30, 2009

Larry Wheelock

Ron Rosen, Brian Sniatkowski

Email process (no meeting req'd.)

2. Identify program leaders

Team of 1 program leader, 1 or 2 assistants "Mgrs."

Mar 31, 2010

Catherine Gemmell + Reg. Reps. Or equiv.

Trails Council

Trail Walkerrecruitment included

3. Develop and/or select a data collection system & process





3a. Determine compatibility w/ existing systems

Select system software & hardware 

Dec 31, 2009


Mgrs. & Tech. Cmte


3b. Solidify data file standards (gps or other data collection)

Standards document 

Mar 31, 2010


Mgrs. & Tech. Cmte


4. Develop field collection program





4a. Identify trail assessors

15 teams of 2

Mar 31, 2010

Gemmel & reg. reps. Or equiv.



4b. Train trail assessors

Training by 

Jun 30, 2010


Mgrs. + Tech. Cmte.


5. Develop data management plan

Alll deliverables below

Jun 30, 2010 


Mgrs. + Tech Cmte. +Makus, Sniatokwski


5a. Define downloading process





5b. Define data storage system

Data storage system




5c. Define reporting requirements

Requirements document & system in place


Above + trails council



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