Ubercart changes to go live

We need Trellon to work with us to complete the Ubercart installation. This includes getting the credit card processing up and running and testing purchases end to end with our staff, and completing the gift purchase (both items and memberships) flow so it is user-friendly and complete. A specific checklist of things to be done follows.

What Needs to Work With Ubercart

Everything under Go Shopping except Retail Partners and Affiliate Program 


Ubercart Checkout

  1. Get credit card (Verisign) installed and working under Payment method
  2. Correct Make Check Payable info by omitting Hikers Market Place: Checks should be made payable to NY-NJ Trail Conference and mailed to: (what is there now)
  3. Need at least 2 price levels working for products: Retail & Member (25% discount); perhaps 3, depending on our Registered user policy, see Question below.
    1. Question: Web designer recommends that we give registered users a 10% discount on our projects. But, we are told that all purchasers automatically become registered users. Is it possible for a purchaser to opt out/in Registered User status?
  4. Need ability to have Ship address different from billing address
  5. Need "This is a gift" option, with following components
    1. Full Name of Gift Giver
    2. Full Address of Gift Giver
    3. Phone # of Gift Giver
    4. Full Name(s) giftee
    5. Full Address of giftee
    6. Email and phone, if available, of giftee
    7. Message field for personalized message to giftee
  6. Shipping: Please insert following text:
    Orders are normally shipped US Mail. Maps are shipped First Class and books or books and maps are shipped Media Mail. You have the option of having your order shipped Fed Ex for faster delivery. Please view the Fed Ex rates (approximate - rates vary with weight and zip code) below. Customers should call the office (201.512.9348) when requesting that their order be shipped Fed Ex to guarantee accurate and proper service. If the Trail Conference is not notified directly about a request for expedited shipping, it can not be guaranteed.
  7. Need section for Expedited Shipping (either instruct buyers to call office or offer FedEx shipping levels with approximate prices)
    Fed Ex rates:

    FedEx First Overnight                           $45.50

    8:30 AM next day

    FedEx Priority Overnight                        $16.19
    10:30 AM next day

    FedEx Standard Overnigh                      $14.00
    3:30 PM next day

    FedEx 2Day                                            $8.50
    4:30 PM  day after tomorrow

    FedEx Express Saver                             $7.75
    4:30 PM  two days after tomorrow

    FedEx Ground                                        $4.70
    1 Business day

    FedEx Home Delivery (to residences)    $6.80
    1 Business day

Membership Flow (http://new.nynjtc.net/membership)

See  Join_renew_Donate Design Guide.pdf for design styling (but not exact content) WE WANT/NEED ABILITY TO AMEND CONTENT ON OUR OWN; WALT NEEDS ABILITY TO READ CODE

Question: Does membership flow need to be a separate check-out path because of different info that is collected?

  • Add new radio button for additional Membership type: Organization/Club (this needs to jump to different page of options and info gathering that leads to checkout)
  • Senior memberships should read 65+ in all spots
  • We want to list premiums for certain categories of membership (Sponsor, Benefactor & Life) and give people the option to select (or opt out)
  • The following is required info for non-org memberships  
    1. Full Name
    2. Full Address
    3. This is a change of address
    4. Phone #
    5. Email Address
    6. Second Name if Joint Membership
    7. Membership Type
    8. Amount Paid
    9. Whether it is Renewal or New Membership
    10. Membership #
    11. Credit Card Type
    12. Memo field (to address special concerns)
    13. Opt in for Email from us
    14. Gender #1 & #2
    15. Year of Birth #1 & #2 Occuptation #1& #2
    16. Add Note: The Trail Conference does not share phone numbers or email addresses, period. See Privacy Policy
  • On Joint Membership: need ability to add second name
  • Gift memberships need to work with following components
    • Full Name of Gift Giver
    • Full Address of Gift Giver
    • Phone # of Gift Giver
    • Full Name(s) giftee
    • Full Address of giftee
    • Email and phone, if available, of giftee
    • Message field for personalized message to giftee
  • Need Zipcode check to verify correct zipcode matches input Town or City

Donations Flow (http://new.nynjtc.net/content/donation-general-fund)

See Join_renew_Donate Design Guide.pdf for design styling (but not exact content) WE WANT/NEED ABILITY TO AMEND CONTENT ON OUR OWN; WALT NEEDS ABILITY TO READ CODE


Theming issues

    • center area too wide - pushes right sidebar to bottom
newtc-images.zip827.6 KB

Comment: Please be relevant, civil, non-commercial.

Volunteer Now link on Be Informed page

The "Volunteer Now" link to the '/volunteer' page  from '/panel/beinformed' needs to be changed to go to: '/webform/volunteer-interest-form-1'.

Thanks, Catherine

Done. Walt

Done. Walt

FedEx shipping

I believe that this is phase 2 or low priority phase 1 if easy.

Additional info pages needed


  1. http://www.nynjtc.org/store/shopping.html which will need changes to correspond to new store code
  2. http://www.nynjtc.org/store/policy.html which might cover the large amount of text specified above for FedEx shipping. (I don't think this is common and will just confuse the simple cases).
  3. There needs to be explicit references to the privacy policy in the text, not just the boilerplate in all footers. See most other shopping sites for examples of what they do.
  4. There needs to be a Verisign seal near where the credit card info is requested.
  5. There needs to be the SSL certificate image and its link on the checkout page. See old site for example. Ubercart should supply this but I haven't checked because SSL is not fully turned on yet.

Ann's notes from 2/19/2009 conference call

Ann's Notes: Ref: 2/19/2009 conference call to discuss items on Ubercart changes go live page in Launch Guide

(Alonza, Riche, Ed, Georgette, Walt (for first 40 min), Ann)

Ubercart mods --
1. What needs to be done with certificates? Issue: need to test Ubercart end-to-end including credit card processing. Solution: deactivate security to test.

2. ...

3. Retail and Member prices ... what has Walt done and what hasn't he? Loose ends here.
Re Question: Trellon says can have anonymous purchasers on Ubercart ... this is not what we are experiencing. Trellon will change the setting so can do anonymous purchases.

Re: 10% discount (Walt has set it up, "trivial" to reinstate it.)

4. Configuration needed. Out of box Ubercart function.

5. Gift purchases ... requires a custom module. (Riche recommends doing as Phase 2. Walt says Trellon did code in 1st engagement, but it is commented out. Riche to check with Simon.)

Ed: We can accept putting this in phase 2, but if it is possible to include in launch, that is better.

6. Shipping.

7. Membership flow -- have pdf for desired flow.
Re: "Add radio button" -- Groups/Clubs -- for phase 1, send in completed pdf? Groups need to apply, cannot pay up front. Need to review how to implement. Tricky to do with radio button. Trellon suggests new product type for organization membership.
Ed: Question re general info on special purchase items.
Walt: Phase 2 items.
Trellon: Would have all fields needed in one form -- hide the ones not relevant when displaying to user.
Question re ordering multiple product types in one order -- e.g. renew membership, buy a map and give a gift membership. Walt says it should work.
Trellon -- some form alterations may be required. Will clarify with Simon.
Trellon has started work on CSS tweaks and other stuff.
Question on what we can tweak in Ubercart?

Question re donations - theming issue --

Membership flow:
address validation ...validate zip code (Phase 2 -- requires module) ... would be great to do for all city state fields. Do we want zip code validation only or USPS address validation?

Trellon plan ...
Will deactivate secure processing on domain for testing. Means credit card info will not be secure. (Alonza -- we can set up dummy processing with card cancel. Use 4111....1 01/2012 ?)
Re domain names ... Alonza will share with Walt to confirm what needs to be done.

Send Trellon link to form for organizational membership. Need to build in that can't mix organization membership with individual purchases. We will send link/form.

Ed's question: Trellon page -- how to view and look at things?

Trellon needs mockup of theming the registration page. Georgette sent Join/Renew/Donate design guide -- relates to theming of the cart. Checkout page. Georgette will send page with 10% and 25% on it. Walt may have artwork to share too -- Trellon should check with him on that.
Theming of Why Join? ... who does? Walt or Trellon? We'll see if Walt can do.
Riche to comment on User registration page as it applies to community.


Doug's 5 page Join/Renew theming pdf of 2-17

Badly broken - do not implement as given.

All the pages have volunteer info - I believe we have said to remove all of this. We have changed the volunteer check boxes without notifying Doug so they are wrong as shown. Page 5 is just volunteer and I believe this is done, but Doug should comment on its theming and if acceptable or not.

1, 2. 3 are alternates - have to pick one but none are right. These are all memberships but they have been combined with the checkout process. Membership is just a "product" that can appear with a donation, a book, etc. In fact it is possible to fill out the membership several times with constraints, namely that the person paying is the same and that there is only one shipping address (except for gift memberships which effectively have two or more shipping addresses, the recipients and the giver - both need to be notified.) In fact the gift name/address stuff is just attributes on that particular gift so you can give multiple gifts in one transaction. This is distinguished by the gift radio button. Join and renew buttons are really the same and only a hint to the back office about how to process the transaction. If possible suppress the request for membership # if join and not renew.I believe the commented out code in nynj_custom for gift members attempts to implement the above.

4 is donation and mostly done except missing info not specified (and only partially) until recently. See comments below to some of Hedy's comments and my comments on them. As shown it looks like a completely alternate path to the normal checkout path. Donations are really just one possible "product" and can appear with a membership, a map, etc.

10%, 25% images

See attachment to main entry

shopping cart empty each time you close out of it?

when I went back in to an order the previous thing I had checked off was still listed there...shouldn't it start with a "clean basket" otherwise they might purchase again something they have already bought.

empty carts

The cart is emptied when you complete the checkout process. If you don't complete the process, nothing has been shipped or charged. The cart remains how you left it. I think there is a parameter in Ubercart to say how many days to retain incompleted cart contents. I don't think there is any danger of repurchasing unless it is done deliberately, e.g. purchasing 1 map and then realizing that you really wanted 2.


Where will in honor or or in memory of......be indicated?

Additon donation mechanisms

The easy fix is to add a comment field to the donation form and then text at the top can tell people how to use the comment field for special purposes. Or you can go fancier and add multiple fields separating out the various other kinds of donations. I have seen nothing so far from Josh or Hedy about all the other kinds of donations. Another example besides honor are restricted donations, e.g. only to be used to support the trail crews.

premiums for sponsor, benefactor and life memberships

where can these be checked off if they are requested?


These are going to be a pain because Trellon is doing special theming in PHP code and not using the standard page layouts. In the cart code it is very easy to add additional checkboxes as attributes of products, but they won't appear on the screen unless the theming knows about them or Trellon or I add them specially. The Trellon code I have see so far is very special purpose and only accounts for things defined now, not things of certain types, e.g. attributes, that might appear and disappear at our pleasure. There are always downsides to doing special theming.

Go shopping membership

1. Get this error message when clicking on go shopping tab, then membership "Page Not Found (error 404)" 2. Senior memberships should indicate 65+ in all locations 3. Received this message when I went to checkout a membership purchase:

"Secure Connection Failed new.nynjtc.net uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed. (Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer) * This could be a problem with the server's configuration, or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server. * If you have connected to this server successfully in the past, the error may be temporary, and you can try again later. Or you can add an exception… If this message pops up every time a new user wishes to make a purchase chances are a number of people will turn back because they will not choose to allow the exception...

4. Need the following information to process memberships in Filemaker

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone #
  • Email Address
  • Second Name if Joint Membership
  • Membership Type
  • Amount Paid
  • Whether it is Renewal or New Membership
  • Membership #
  • Credit Card Type
  • Memo field
  • Opt in for Email from us
  • Opt out to not share information
  • Optional but important information:
  • Gender #1 & #2
  • Year of Birth #1 & #2
  • Occuptation #1& #2
5.   Zipcode check to verify correct zipcode matches input Town or City

6.   Some of the links still lead to our old membership page. in the other navigation...catalog section

zipcode check

This is not done on the current site and is a new requirement. It is in fact quite hard to do because there is not a one-to-one correspondence between zipcodes and town names in our area. There are also issues of "prestige zipcodes". The PO accepts but does not recommend a number of town names for some zipcodes. People may supply any of the names that are valid for a given zipcode. Some people might be offended if you change their prestige name for a PO recommended one. I recommend that we ignore trying to check zipcodes and defer that processing to the back office. Zipcode tables are not static and change over time. One must replace them periodically. Zip+4 services are available on the web, but I don't know of any free ones other than the form driven USPS ones. It is possible to write programs using CURL that screen scrape answers from USPS but this is a significant undertaking, more than a few hours work.


The current certificate is self signed. This will be replaced by a real certificate when we go live at www.nynjtc.org. Currently it is just a testing annoyance and should have no effect on anything if you just tell your browser that it is ok. This is easy in IE and a bit of a pain in FF.

Memberships and Orders

The Member info (which we gather in the shipping area) may be different from the billing info, even if it is not a gift. For example, a joint membership will be paid for by one person, but two people will be listed in the name area of the member info. Do we want to consider gift purchases as well? (I'd say YES for phase 2, but not now.)

Not a gift but billing and shipping differ use case

By not a gift I mean that both addresses are the same person(s), perhaps a home and a work address or a vacation address or their weekend home.

It is not obvious to me which of these is the member info because in a sense they all are. It is certainly the case that when it comes time for renewal, we should contact the billing person as that is who paid the last time.

To decide what to do we have to look at both what eBase can store and what this website can store. 

First eBase: There is only one place to store a name and address but one can add alternate addresses or phones, etc. These alternates are available if you look directly in the database, but no processing is done using them and they don't appear in normal reports. There are special provisions for handling joint/familly memberships. These can be handled in two ways. Most are handled by putting putting both names in one record. However for many of our active people, each of the people need their own identities for most record keeping, e.g. Jane and I have separate records because each of us has different roles. But the records are tied together with a householded record which shows both names with one of them marked primary, usually the one who paid the bill as that is where the membership payments and donation records of the pair are kept. For snail mail from the TC the household record is used rather than the two main records so they only get one copy.

For people using the current online membership form, the first screen collects a second name (if there is one) and then goes to the main checkout screen where the full name and address (only one - no shipping and billing possibility) of the person paying is collected. The person in the office entering this info into eBase has to then figure out how to enter the data in the available fields. For renewals this is easy because someone has already decided and at most you have to fix an email, address or phone#. For the others I believe that if there are two people they use the combined record method and then sometime later may have to split them when they need to separate their records. To say the least this is confusing to the new person joining and having to enter a second name before they have been asked anything about the first person. In others words this is not a process we want to emulate. Or another way of saying this is that this particular use case does not currently occur unless suplemented by a lot of free form info in a comment field or a phone call. As an additional note: we optionally collect age, sex and occupation of up to two people.

So next we can look at what the current flow can do and how I think it should be processed. I will consider only the case of an already registered user, because the same data is collected in either case and an unregistered user winds up registered. There can be only one registered user with an email address so this puts some restriction on what you can do to represent joint/family. If they register separately they can of course have their own registration if they have different emails, e.g. Jane and I are both registered and I am registered a second time as webmaster, but there is nothing that ties these registrations together. The checkout forms have only one place to record an email address and currently no place to record a second name (this can be added). Also no age, sex or occupation info is collected. Of course I could put "Jane and Walt" in the first name field but most likely this will fail when the credit card is submitted because that is not what is on my card. It also does not easily handle couples with different last names. The obvious thing to do is put one name in billing and one in shipping and make the rest of the info the same. I think the office will figure this out correctly. Note that any registered user can store multiple addresses and select which ones s/he wants to use in either the billing or shipping area. These addresses can be home, work, some giftee, etc. They are all associated with that registration. The office can decide which of these they want to put in eBase and how. I suggest that the billing address be used as the eBase primary address but I suspect that all but a very few will be the same, enough so that the office can call or email to make sure they do what the member wants. In other words I see no reason to change what happens right now other than possibly changing the words billing and shipping. But billing is hard to change because they have to tell us what the billing address is because that is what we pass to the credit card for verification and the user has to know which one that is.

See other use cases for a bunch of other cases that need to be looked with the above detail of what you see on the screen, what the website stores, and where the office puts that info in eBase.However I contend that with a little help text on the page, the current form comes quite close to collecting what is needed and that people will fill it out correctly enough that the office will figure out what to do in most cases. Since I see what users enter on the old website, it is clear that they don't understand very well what to do. While typing this I saw one come in with the person filling in their name as both the first and second person. I doubt if this will confuse the office.

Once we go to the web being our main souce of record keeping then will we have to adapt and probably change the forms.

Comments from Ed on "Make Gift Memberships work"

2.       Make Gift memberships work

1.       http://new.nynjtc.net/membership

1.     Intro text needs to be changed

2.    Need rollover/link to member benefits pop-up (prefer pop-up to new page/tab so that people do not stray away)

3.    Need Gift button for gift memberships

4.    Get rid of "in membership" under the View tab in logged on mode

4.       http://new.nynjtc.net/cart/checkout

1.    First off, what happens if you want to give away 2 gift memberships?  Do you have to go through the checkout once for each different recipient?

2.    Do we have to treat memberships as just another store item? I would much rather treat joining members separately beginning with changing Shipping information to Member Information.  

1.       Join/Renew:

1.    Member Information would be filled in with profile info for logged-in user or blank if user is not logged-in.  The information should be editable in case the profile is out of date or inaccurate.

2.    Billing Information would would be the same as Member Information above but additionally there would be a "Same as Member Information" button that would automatically load the Member Info as the Billing Info.

3.     Need to add second firstname & lastname fields to accomadate the joint memberships option

2.       Gift: 

1.     Member information would be blank.

2.     Billing Information would be filled in with profile info for logged-in or blank if not logged-in. The information should be editable in case the profile is out of date or inaccurate.

3.     There needs to be a Gift Message text field just below the Member Information so that the giver can convey a message to the recipient.  The back office process would be to copy this text and put in the welcome letter that accompanies the member packet. Do not provide a rich-text option.

3.     If there is a different membership flow, does that mean that both joining and buying a map require seperate checkouts?  Can they be merged at the end some how with a continue shopping function after completing one process?

4.     What happens if someone is trying to buy something for themselves and something as a gift at the same time?  Do they have to go through check out twice?  What happens if someone is trying to give multiple gift memberships--multiple checkouts?

5.     Payment Method: Eliminate checks in the membership flow.  O.K. for books/maps (we get people who shop online but don't pay online every once and while.)

6.     Other Information can be kept in case people want to explain some extenuation circumstances, etc. Eliminate rich-text option.

5.     We need to install the credit card certificates so that we can check the rest of the process.

Try it

Many of these questions can be answered by trying and seeing what happens. That is what I would have to do to answer them.

1-1 that is easy - tell me what you want.

1-2 popups require Trellon changes or a lot of work on my part but most of the fields have the ability to put some explanation directly under the input field.

1-3 gift button is there

1-4 in membership is part of the taxonomy system which is an essential part of Drupal. You will find similar links on many pages but usually right in front of the add comment at the bottom. It is missplaced, not extraneous. However it is pointing at a page that should be deleted (and it would then go away), but it would reappear when we add a page for clubs to pay their dues. See what happens when you order a book where the taxonomy link is somewhat useful.

The numbering scheme above is bizarre, obvious the result of pasting from Word because it almost always fails to number things properly if you have edited the order of items.

4-1 try it

4-2 yes - see my reply to Ann above

4-3 I don't think the current flow supports joining and buying a map at a discount because the fact that they are now a member is not recognized until after the card has been processed. That may be changable either with code or configuration that I am not aware of. Ask Trellon. They can join and buy - just won't get a discount.

4-4 try it

4-5 the check option is a place holder for a credit card option so that we can test all the way through the process before we have cards working. It will go away (unless you want to supply that as a real option). However it is either there or not there for all purchases. I have not seen an option on a per product basis that allows you to outlaw a particular payment method.

4-6 Found in Trellon code, but don't know how to change it.

5-1 We need to install a credit card payment method, not a certificate. There is a certificate (self signed so it puts up a compliant screen but proceeds). Once we on nynjtc.org instead of nynjtc.net there will be a real certificate and the complaint screen will go away. Seems silly to pay $100 for a certificate that we will throw away on March 1, just to get rid of a complaint screen. However none of this is currently configured and I am stuck at first step which is turning on secure pages at all. Just haven't had the time to fight through help desks and forums. Hopefully Trellon will do this. I will at least partially configure the Payflow payment method as it is just as easy to put the various userids and passwords in the right place as to tell them what they are in email.