Ubercart use cases

We need to describe the flow through the process for all of these cases, what fields are missing, what restrictions there are (mostly how many and which ones of these can be combined in a single transaction).
  1. Simple purchase
  2. Multiple item purchases
  3. Anonymous user purchase
  4. Member purchase with discountable item
  5. Gift membership
  6. Gift product
  7. Donation in honour of someone
  8. Restricted donation
  9. Multiple memberships in one transaction
  10. Joint/Family membership
  11. Special shipping instructions
  12. Backorders (known to be out)
  13. Partial shipments

We also need to describe what happens at the end of a transaction. It is envisaged that the completed transaction screen will have a pointer to several pages that the user can/should/must visit. For example someone joining may/should/must visit the opt-in/out page for mailing lists.

How do we control where they eventually wind up? where they started the transaction from? the home page? someplace else?

Known missing fields:

  • check box to never share mailing labels
  • names of partners

How and when in the process do we know someone is a member? Do we believe them if they say they are without checking until after the fact?

How are things different if they are a registered user? Are the different if they have order before?

Most of the answers to the above need to be on a Site User's Guide page.

Comment: Please be relevant, civil, non-commercial.

Ubercart cases

What confirmation mechanism is in place when an order is placed? Does the user get a confirming email (I hope so.) Is it easy to print a copy of the order before leaving the store? (Most desirable as well.) We need to verify both these things work.

Try it

Rather than ask, just try it and see what happens. If I say yes, that only implies it is good enough for me. Perhaps you would like more. It does produce an ok order complete page whose text is easily modified (and needs to be modified). In fact this page will have a bunch of continuation links for doing things like opt-in/out, etc. It has a link to a printable copy of the order and you can logon any time and see all your past orders. It does send you an email with something similar to what you see online.