Why can't I log in with my userid and password that I've used before?

There are four things that may be keeping you from logging in:

(1) You haven't registered for the new Web site and are using your login information from our OLD Web site.

If you set up a userid and password on our old Web site, it was not carried over to the new site when we moved in March 2009. You should Register for the new site and specify your userid and password at that time. Also remember to look for the confirmation email that we send to you. You have to open that email and click on the link in it to complete the registration process.

(2) You forgot your password.

In this case, you should request a new password.  Click on Login/Register and then click on the Request New Password tab and fill in the requested information.

(3) You registered using a different email address or userid.

If your userid or email address is rejected when you attempt to request a new password, try others you may have used.  

(4) You didn't actually log in here before and truly aren't registered.

In this case, please register!

Finally, if you really, really think you did register and we have a bug in our Web site processing, then send us a feedback to alert us to the problem.