About the Authors - Harriman Trails

Bill Myles spent years hiking in Harriman-Bear Mountain Parks.  After he retired, he decided to write a comprehensive guidebook that would describe the trails -- both marked and unmarked -- in Harriman, as well as the lakes, roads and mines in the Parks.  He also spent years researching the archives of the Trail Conference and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission and other sources to obtain historical information about the trails and other features of the Parks.   Bill passed away in 2006 at the age of 93.

Daniel Chazin has been a Board member of the Trail Conference since 1982 and has hiked nearly all of the trails in Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks.  He has written up over 200 hikes in the New York metropolitan area that were first published in The Record (Hackensack, N.J.) and are now featured on the Trail Conference web site.  He has also served as the editor of the New York Walk Book, the New Jersey Walk Book, and many other Conference publications.  Daniel worked very closely with Bill in his role as editor of the first two editions of Harriman Trails and has assumed complete responsibility for the new third edition.

Special thanks are due to John Timm, who hiked all of the unmarked trails and woods roads described in this edition of Harriman Trails and updated all of the descrptions of these trails, as well as assisting in their recategorization.



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