Trail U Courses

Trail U Courses The following courses are given at various locations around the area. Trail Maintenance 101 - This one-day training session teaches maintenance techniques, trail standards, and what problems to expect on the trails and how to solve them. If you are interested in becoming a maintainer or enhancing your skills maintenance skills, this is the perfect workshop for you. No previous experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. Students will spend the morning in a classroom environment and then head out into woods for a hands-on exercise. Introduction to Trail Construction and Restoration - If you have wanted to help on a trail crew, this is the workshop for you. During this day long workshop participants will restore a section of a trail by constructing steps, waterbars, side hilling, and learn other basic construction elements of many hiking trails and techniques often used to restore eroded trails. There is a preliminary overview of the course in the morning and then we head off for a hands-on training session. No previous experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. Advanced Trail Construction and Restoration Techniques - Learn how to build and repair hiking trails using advanced rock work, high-line rigging techniques with a grip hoist system, bridge construction, and other exciting methods. Prior trail crew or trail building experience is recommended. This class is held in the field and is a hands-on learning experience. Class size is limited for the safety of the participants. Trail Layout and Design - This day long workshop is devoted to establishing guidelines for laying out a safe, exciting and ecologically sound trail with special attention paid to digital route making, dealing with sensitive environmental and archeological conditions, designing for single and multiple user groups and designing for a fulfilling hiking experience. Class participants will spend half the day in a class room environment and half day in the field. GPS and GIS for Trail Management - This one day workshop provides a basic level of skills for using Global Position Systems and Geographic Information Systems to aid in trail layout, design and inventory keeping. This is a great workshop for all you "techies" who love to hike. USFS Chainsaw Safety Certification - The emphasis during this two-day course is to enhance the participant’s knowledge of safe chainsaw use, identification of hazards, mitigation of hazards, and practical experience using chainsaws. Attendance priority is given to individuals volunteering on NPS lands (i.e. AT and DWGNRA). Students do not need to own a chainsaw to attend, but if you have one please feel free to bring it. Trail Land Boundary Monitoring - During this one day workshop provides participants will first hand experience on checking land boundaries and trail corridors for illegal uses such as ORV activity, trash dumping, trail land encroachment and other common problems. The "in the field" portion of this workshop will be spent off trail; therefore students should feel comfortable with off-trail hiking situations. Water Control - A special purpose workshop dealing only with various waterbars and other structures to keep water off of trails. Advanced Courses The following courses are given as part of our Bear Mountain Trails Project at Bear Mountain State Park. Basic Rock Work Training - Topics covered include, mechanical advantage, simple tools for moving large rocks, safety considerations, proper body mechanic, and methods of reducing natural resource impacts. Rigging for Trail Work - Topics covered include: safety issues; equipment selection, care, and applications; calculating for safety and efficiency; mechanical advantage for pulling; and overhead zip and high-lines. There will plenty of opportunity for hands-on practice on Sunday plus a winch-cleaning clinic in the afternoon. Preference in registration will be given to participants attending both days. Stone Splitting and Shaping Workshop - Topics covered include: Proper use of tools to split and shape (dress) stone to desired dimensions (portable generator, electric hammer drill, hand star drills and single jack hammer, top quality carbide hand chisels, stone hammers, hand points, tracers, and rifting hammers). Stone Cribbing Apprenticeship Level I - This apprenticeship will cover the basics of building dry stone retaining walls to support a tread way and retain a hillside. Class size will be kept very small to insure optimal education. Stone Step Construction - This workshop will focus on rock step construction, incorporating rigging skills, stone shaping, and basic mechanical advantage and leverage, to set rock steps. Stone Pinning Workshop - Techniques will be taught to build and anchor trails over exposed sloping bedrock surfaces using steel pins. Topics covered include: safety issues, use of mechanized and hand power rock drills, pin / steel selection, different methods of affixing and sealing pins into bedrock, and building off of the set pins. Women’s Weekend - Rock moving and stone construction. Topics covered include, mechanical advantage, simple tools for moving large rocks, safety considerations, proper body mechanics, and methods of reducing natural resource impacts. We will be constructing stone steps and cribbing walls. There will be special emphasis on instruction and learning. Registration is limited to females Click here to register for a course today!