D5->D6 Prerequisites

  1. Build test D5 (clone of current) and 2 empty D6 sites (theme and Ubercart testing)
  2. Eliminate usage of D5 modules that are not supported in D6
    • Event
    • get rid of dual calendars (part of above)
  3. Test theme on a bare D6 and debug the theme.
    • Test Trellon Custom module on working theme. 
    • Consider re-theming some of Trellon's special case themes (some new functionality in D6 eliminates need)
      • Membership
      • Donation
      • Parks & Hikes
  4. Test Ubercart 2.x on a bare D6 ignoring theming
    • Consider expanding functionality, i.e. revisit changes we made 
    • Apply Trellon changes that are needed for our required function if not already fixed
  5. Migrate all useful old site material to new site. This include pictures, pdfs, and links from new to old.

Comment: Please be relevant, civil, non-commercial.

PHP upgrade?

Do we have to be concerned with a PHP upgrade to the recommended 5.2 or higher version along with the D5->D6 upgrade?

We are ok

See Logs then Status Report dropdown. That shows both the PHP and MySQL versions. There are later versions of PHP around and I have one on another web host but it has some problems that I have not been able to blame on PHP version yet.

I don't have access

I'm denied access to the status report.

Consider Retheming Hikes and Parks pages

Need to make sure that we add a 3rd tab to display a sponsor ship. If not empty it should be the default display.

After D6

but probably not too hard. I have looked at that code and adding another tab should be easy.

Need a better definition of exactly what you want, e.g. which tab does the user see when they first visit page (picture I assume). Map and Sponsor could be in either order. Why would anyone deliberately click on the Sponsor tab if not what is first viewed?