D6 Wish List (Wiki)

Walt (as trail supervisor and web liaison to Trails Council)

  1. Maintainer report forms
  2. Moving trail info from eBase to web
  3. Link up trail data from web/eBase to GIS and display proper maps on web.

Walt (as webmaster)

  • Reply to signup message goes to only one person for all signups. Code needs to be extended to go to the person responsible for the event.
  • Revise roles and permissions to make them easier to maintain as well as giving people the minimum needed to do their job.
  • Clean up some obsolete content types
  • Get rid of all the old site pages
  • Clean up the images and duplicates in favor of something more sustainable and upgradable to D7 eventually. See http://drupal.org/sandbox/dman/1110890
  • Going Mobile
  • Integrate with Facebook better, including allowing Facebook logons and like and send buttons on the same line as Add comment.
  • Both view/hike and view/parks have both a text and a node reference for regions because we currently can't sort on the node reference.  (a restriction on D5, unknown on D6). This is error prone and needs to onlly the node reference.

Daniel Chazin

1.  We should display a feature that links each hike to other maps -- both Trail Conference "freebie" maps available online and non-Trail Conference maps (online and hard-copy).

2.  We should re-evaluate the "features" column, which has become essentially meaningless.  Just about every hike has "views,"  and every hike has "woods."  Walt has stated that this should be used to emphasize "unusual and rare" features, but if that is the case, it does not currently achieve this purpose.



Collect Member Contact Info/changes easily: Create a button/view to collect changed info within specified date ranges

SOLVE KNOWN PROBLEMS: See /view/d6issues

CALENDAR: Review and design (needs staff/vol input): One-stop for all items that should appear on a calendar, with various displayed calendar views: publicevents,  trail crews and trail projects, advo, etc. Be able to designate multiple calendar types (public, trail crew, etc)

NEWS, Review and design: All news articles archived and display in a single index (like hikes and parks) but sortable by type (and date); perhaps add locality feature (TC region, state, etc). Add News FROM the Trail Conference as a category and develop a Press page. Be able to designate multiple news types (trails, about us)

HIKES: Merge 'Other Features' and 'Features' (Other Features do not currently display)

Review fields to be displayed in summary at top (Ed-include links to all maps, not just TC's for-sale maps; GW-Change Pub date to Verified date or Hike date or perhaps not show a date at all--assumption that all hike info is current (make sure this change does not impact http://www.nynjtc.org/view/hike-date as Daniel needs it; he has other input)

Rationalize edit templates in Hikes and Parks so order of fields matches their display; omit fields that are not used.

PARKS: From Phil, 3/20/2010 on a previous wish list: As the view/parks database gets larger and larger a helpful navigation tool would be a set of alphabet tabs or a box to type in letters taking the visitor deeper into the list.  I suspect the view/hikes database is even larger.

BLOGS: Restrict who can blog and organize by blogger and/or topic--ex, might have blog on Darlington, tools, advocacy, photography, HOTW. Public input is via comments to our official bloggers. Ex: see http://blog.nature.org/ Perhaps use an offsite Blog tool?

MISC: Trail Walker content should be searchable within site search

ID which blocks are not in use and delete them to clean up/shorten list (those labeled Disabled may be in use on panel pages)

Consider: Perhaps use Google tools (docs, website, etc) instead of Drupal Groups

News articles via RSS feeds (who added this?)

Make right column (ad col) white, not green; permit choice of colors for block backgrounds

Suppress display of Block title bar when left blank; reduce blank space top & bottom



  • Clean up theme template files to eliminate commented out code and to make sure we are using the proper variables for content display.
  • Clean up theme CSS files.
  • Explore options for integration or interoperation of office and web site user data.
  • Incorporate using GIT into our site for developer access control/management.

Jakob Franke

  • Improve Breadcrumbs - particularly from panel pages or in this case a region page
    for example, now we have on top of the page:

    Home . Long Path Guide (softcopy)

    I would like to have: Home . Long Path . Long Path Guide (softcopy)

Ken Malkin

Search results that take you directly to a forum comment

For example, I searched on "Greenbrok Sanctuary". Top result was:

Hiking Trail Conditions

... should be re-positioned to include trail on cliffs in Greenbrook sanctuary. I doubt hikers would damage this area. Hikers are ...

Forum topic - webmaster - 05/09/2011 - 13:12 - 275 comments - 0 attachments - 0 groups

Clicking on the link brings you to the top of the Hiking Trail Conditions forum, but there isn't anything on the page about Greenbrook sanctuary.


Enable us to find hikes by Publication Date and Update/Verification Date.

I suggest addition of these fields to http://www.nynjtc.org/admin/content/node/overview headng  removing the "Revision Date" heading.