Information on applying for Group Membership in the New York- New Jersey Trail Conference.

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a non-profit federation of 104 outdoor
groups and 9,200 individuals working together to build and maintain almost 1,700 miles of
hiking trails in southern New York and northern New Jersey. We also serve as a liaison
with various agencies and as an umbrella advocacy group for the hiking interests in our
area. We are active in conservation efforts and work to preserve open space.

Groups which are affiliated with the Conference fall into four possible membership
categories: youth, contributing, supporting, and partner member organizations. Please
review the membership application for the differences between these classifications.
Many of our member organizations maintain hiking trails (or own land on which the
Conference maintains hiking trails). Affiliated groups can be assigned sections of trail to
maintain, and the Conference office helps coordinate and standardize these trail
maintenance efforts. Other groups maintain hiking trails which are not under the
jurisdiction of the Conference, such as trails on the group’s own property or in areas
remote from our northern NJ/southern NY base.

All group applications must be approved by our Delegates Assembly after review by our
Board. We request that a representative from your group attend that meeting in case our
delegates have any questions to ask. Upon receipt of your forms, we will notify you of the
date of the meeting at which your application will be considered (usually early each
February, June, October and December). Upon acceptance, your group should name a
Conference delegate who will be your representative and liaison with the Conference and
be invited to Delegates Assembly meetings held several times a year. Delegates from
organizational member groups are voting members at these meetings. Partner groups
have a voice, but not a vote.

These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to hear the latest trail news, discuss
various trail maintenance & conservation issues & to decide the future direction of
Conference activities and services. During the course of the year, delegates are kept
informed of Conference activities and issues and will be responsible for conveying
information to your group.

If your group decides to join, your appointed delegate & the president of your group both
receive subscriptions to the Trail Walker newspaper (sample enclosed). Groups are eligible
for discounts when ordering our maps and guides. Non-profit member groups can have
their activities listed in the bi-monthly Hikers' Almanac in the Trail Walker.

Thank you for your interest in the Trail Conference!