Information on applying for Organizational Membership in the Trail Conference

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a non‑profit organization comprised of organizations and individuals dedicated to providing recreational opportunities in the region, working together with individuals and organizations to develop, build, and maintain more than 2,100 miles of hiking trails in southern New York and northern New Jersey. Our work includes protecting hiking trails through advocacy and educating the public about the responsible use of trails and the natural environment.

Groups which are affiliated with the Trail Conference fall into two possible membership categories: Membership Organizations and Supporting Organizations. Please review the membership application for the differences between these classifications.

    • Organizations qualifying for Member Organization status are groups that offer hikes, and/or maintain/monitor hiking trails or trail lands in New York or New Jersey, or own land on which hiking trails are maintained. Member Organizations have voting rights.
    • Organizations qualifying for Supporting Organization status are groups that support the Trail Conference’s goals but do not meet the qualifications specified to become a Member Organization.

Both types of organizational applications must be reviewed and approved by our Executive Director, subject to review by our Board of Directors. Upon approval, Member Organizations should name a representative who will be your liaison with the Trail Conference, and be invited Voting Member meetings held several times a year. Supporting organizations have a voice, but not a vote.

These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to hear the latest trail news, discuss various trail maintenance & conservation issues, and to decide the future direction of Trail Conference activities and services. During the course of the year, voting members s are kept informed of Conference activities and issues and will be responsible for conveying information to your group.         

If your group decides to join, your appointed representative & the president of your group both receive subscriptions to the Trail Walker newspaper (sample enclosed). Groups are eligible for discounts when ordering our maps and guides. Non-profit member groups can have their activities listed in the bi‑monthly Hikers' Almanac in the Trail Walker. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Trail Conference!