Long Path Updates

Current conditions 8/6/2016

Most of the Sam's Point trails are currently closed because of a recent wild fire.

Folks interested in thru hiking the  Long Path can utilize the South Gully trail, to the Loop Road, to High Point Carriage road to Smiley road to Mine Hole trail. Here are the caveats:

1 - This option is for thru hikers, not section hikers.

2 - Folks interested in this need to contact me at the park with the date they are traversing and the number in there party. Contact can be by email or telephone using info below.

3 - There is still no overnight use of Minnewaska Park preserve lands permitted


Hank Alicandri, Sam's Point Area Director

Sam’s Point Area P.O Box 86, Cragsmoor, New York 12420

(845) 647-7989 ext. 101

[email protected]

The 5th edition of the Long Path Guide (2nd printing; 2005) is obsolete, it should not be used. Many major changes have taken place along the Long Path since the guide was printed over a decade ago.

Currently we do not offer an updated printed guide book. A completely updated version of the guide is available online at 

Easy to print (text only) PDF pages of the online guide can be found at http://www.nynjtc.org/document/long-path-guide-text-only.


Long Path reroutes

 In August 2016 a short reroute has moved about 0.5 miles off Route 990V in Gilboa. The trail does not pass by the post office anymore.

Shawangunk Ridge Trail reroutes

In 2104 the SRT was extended through Minnewaska State Park and Mohonk Preserve. It is co-aligned with existing trails. See SRT.