Miles of trail vs miles hiked: The mileage listed at the front of each chapter is the miles of trail or trail miles. If one hikes to a destination for 2.3 miles and returns, one has hiked 4.6 miles. If there is an access 0.2-mile trail to a loop which measures 1.8 miles, there are 2.0 miles of trails, but 2.2 miles hiked.

Total mileage: The total number of miles of trails in Walkable Weschester is calculated by adding all the miles of trails listed in a chapter and subtracting off all duplicate miles. Thus if the 1.7-mile red trail and the 1.5 mile blue trail are co-aligned for 0.3 mile, the total miles of trail is 2.9 miles. (1.7+1.5-0.3).