New Supervisors To Do List

Congratulations on becoming a supervisor. You are key to keeping trails open because you manage the maintainers and solve problems they cannot solve. Your help means hikers can enjoy their day in the outdoors! Like any new job, the first six months are the toughest.

As part of the appointment process, you have met with your Local Trail Committee (LTC) chair. In the first six months following your appointment, you will

  • Meet with your maintainers and walk the trails with him/her

  • Visit the Supervisor’s page on the Trail Conference website

  • Take both maintainer and supervisor training

  • Attend Regional Trails Council Meetings to network and ask questions

  • Get to know the other supervisors in your Local Trail Committee

  • Know who the Trail Crew Chief is for your LTC

  • Find out where and how the Crew Chief can help you

  • Find out if you are to meet with the land managers and if so, arrange a meeting with them.  


During the following months, ask questions and expand your skill set

  • Take Trail U classes that interest you and will expand your ability to solve trail problems

  • Have a better understanding of trail problems and how to solve them

  • Learned how to fill maintainer vacancies and train new maintainers

As you move through your first year, you will have

  • Asked for and received trail maintenance reports from your maintainers

  • Filed at least one semi-annual trail report with your LTC Chair

  • Learned what you can be reimbursed for and how to request reimbursement

  • Prioritized projects

  • Learned about planning and budget for the following year (work with your LTC Chair)

  • Learned how to establish an ad hoc trail crew

  • Helped your LTC in other ways i.e. do training, host an outreach table, work on trail projects, or run service projects