Palisades Crew 2015 Blog


Join us on September 20th for our official ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as a hike or trail run. As hikers, runners and trail builders, we hope to see on the completed Doris Duke Trail! 




Volunteer Erin shows a rock who's boss. 

Sometimes it's not efficient to dig out a rock, especially if it's going to create a giant hole. We had the pleasure of Erin's assistance as we complete our last step project on the Doris Duke Trail. Erin has worked in Big Bend National Park in Texas. With her prior experience Erin was able to work around some of the challenges that we face daily when building stairs.  Thank you Erin for bringing your experience to Doris Duke, it was great having you on site. 

Thank you to all our volunteers, someimtes you bring experience, sometimes you bring other talents, but you ALWAYS bring motivation!  For the love of the outdoors!




  DD Ridge View

August 20, 2015

                                                      " I can't believe we're almost done!" 

                It's amazing to believe that with just a stair project or two and 300 feet of corridor clearing the Doris Duke will be ready for its Grand Opening. It has been the Palisade's crew honor in finalizing the efforts of creating the New Doris Duke Trail. After priceless efforts in preserving this area and countless hours in building this trail, in just a few short weeks we look forward to completing the Doris Duke and introducing it on September 20th.

          Thank you to all of the volunteers that have come out and made their mark on the Doris Duke!

 Special thanks to: Patricio, Curtis, Jesse, Eugene, Soojin, Mary, Michael, Jack, Jay, Jason, and Richard. 


                The season won’t finish with the Doris Duke, the Palisade’s crew will continue maintaining other trails at Sterling Forest and ensuring hikers can continue to enjoy the beauty and comfort of hiking trails along the West Hudson.  





            July 23, 2015


Over the last two weeks the Palisades crew has been busy rock quarrying, drilling and creating a beautiful backcountry staircase. With the halfway point of the trail season quickly approaching, we have been able to successfully accomplish the goals that we have set and continuously make improvements to the Doris Duke Trail. In the upcoming weeks we will be setting large stepping stones, sidehilling and more stone staircases as needed.

            While we have made great progress on our current projects, most importantly we have had numerous volunteers throughout the season whom have made our experience on the trail even better. We look forward to seeing new and returning faces on the trail each week. Rain or sunshine, our volunteers continue to impress. Last week we completed a stepping stone Trail U workshop with the help of Larissa, Patricio, Eugene, Richard, Sue, Jesse, Joe and Shane.


Join us on September 20th for our official ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as a hike or trail run. As hikers, runners and trail builders, we hope to see on the completed Doris Duke Trail!