Resources for Publications Wholesalers


Welcome wholesaler!  To help ensure you have the most up-to-date information for our popular map and book publications, this page provides all the information you will need to properly show and describe our various publications on your online store or catalog.

Last Updated: March 2016


For each map, materials include a preferred title, a high-resolution .JPG of the cover, additional .JPG graphics including a map sample and locator map, a preferred detailed description .DOC, and a short description .DOC.


Click on the publications title below to find the materials for that title:

Catskill - 2016
East Hudson - 2014
Harriman-Bear Mountain - 2015
Hudson Palisades - 2014
Jersey Highlands - 2016
Kittatinny - 2012
North Jersey - 2014
Shawangunk - 2013
South Taconic - 2015
Sterling Forest - 2013
West Hudson - 2015

Walkable Westchester - 2014, 2nd ed.
More books to be added soon


If you would prefer to download the map materials all together instead of individually, click the following ZIP file items (right-click and save as; once saved, remove the '_.txt' ending of the file to make it able to be opened as a zipped archive).  Note these do not include the latest 2016 Catskill and Jersey Highlands maps):





Catskill Trails - 2016






East Hudson Trails - 2014







Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails - 2015







Hudson Palisades Trails - 2014




Jersey Highlands: Central North Region Trails - 2016





Kittatinny Trails - 2012







North Jersey Trails - 2014






Shawangunk Trails - 2013







South Taconic Trails - 2015







Sterling Forest Trails - 2013







West Hudson Trails - 2015









Walkable Westchester - 2014, 2nd edition





If you need any assistance with these materials or have further questions, contact our Fulfillment staff at [email protected] or 201-512-9348 ext. 11.