Rules of the trail (Trail Etiquette)

D R A F T (please comment)
Bike, Horse, Hiker yield sign
  • Yield to other users (see above).
  • Keep right on wider trails - no more than two abreast.
  • Make yourself known (bell or talk) when passing a slower user.
  • Stay off trails restricted to other users groups. (We support positive signage where you sign what is permitted, rather than just what is not permitted.) 
  • Read what other user groups espouse
    • IMBA (mountain bikes)
  • Be aware of special classes of users
    • Handicapped - not just those in a wheelchair, but also those with limited vision or hearing.
    • Hikers on ski trails should not posthole in the track
  • Leave No Trace
  • Off trail
    • No single file. Take different paths to avoid creation of a herd path.
    • Watch where you step (rare plants, snakes, etc.)