Site attacked by virus/malware and repaired

Moved to fixed problems 2/2/2010 -- no recent malware activity.

If you visited the TC website between 1am and 11am on May 13th and you did not have up-to-date anti-virus software on your machine, there is a possibility that you were affected by some malware on our site. You should make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and do a full scan of your computer.

The site is now clean, although some browsers are still incorrectly complaining that it is infected. It is safe to use. Additional information will be added to this block (at the bottom) as needed.

Unfortunately, once you have been attacked various antivirus vendors, Google, StopBadware, and others flag the site as bad. They are quick to flag and slow to remove the flagging, so you may get popup windows from your antivirus program claiming that the site is unsafe. The Google Chrome browser tends to stop you completely.

You can check our status independently at the following link:


5/16/2009 11am further update - corrected one more problem. Google now lists us as having a problem, which has been fixed - I have requested a rescan so it may be awhile before we are listed as clean. In other words, I think the site is ok, but be careful about what you click on and make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date.

5/16/2009 10:30pm Google has now rescanned our site and said it is clean. However it may take some time to propagate so messages may continue to popup as bad for awhile, e.g. this page is still marked bad at the moment. The way our software works all pages are generated by the same process with the same code so either they are all bad or all good. It does not depend on the content of the page. Note that clearing your browser cache also seems to make more pages ok sooner if you accessed pages while they had problems.

5/18/2009 12:00pm I have still gotten a few bad popups in Google Chrome, e.g. this page. It is ok to select the option to view anyway. This seems to clean your copy of the page from the bad marks and it is ok after that. Firefox is more persistent in claiming the page is still bad. 

5/19/2009 StopBadware is now reporting stale information that we are infected. We are not!

5/20/2009 Malware in the news

5/22/2009 A few more bad files (now fixed) were found in old events and old externalnews as well as the Ramapo2007 conference site, which has now been deleted (it was linked from the site). A new site scan has been requested.

5/24-25/2009 Another manual scan looking for suspects changed in a narrow date range. Cleaned up some infected files that were unreachable by search engines. One had to have bookmarked them or gotten links to them in an email (only insiders on TC committees might have these) all old. Another new Google site scan requested, but 5/22 one not done yet so verification process is slow.