Updates since Publication - Kittatinny Trails Map Set

Due to the ever-changing nature of trails, our maps, even if accurate when published, may not show new or relocated trails that have been established after the map was printed.  Any changes, omissions, or other updates that are not included on the published map set and that are important for hikers to be aware of will be posted here.


If you have any errors or updates to report, please leave a comment on this page or contact Jeremy Apgar by clicking here.


- - - 2/21/13 - - Please note that on Map 122, an 8-mile stretch of the Big Flat Brook is not shown between the map's left edge and the point where the brook enters Stokes State Forest near the intersection of Flatbrook Road and Route 206.  This stretch of Big Flat Brook was mistakenly omitted during the final stages of map production.  Map users most affected by this omission include individuals interested in exploring the Flatbrook-Roy Wildlife Management Area.


- - -



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