Updates since Publication - Shawangunk Trails Map Set

Due to the ever-changing nature of trails, our maps, even if accurate when published, may not show new or relocated trails that have been established after the map was printed.  Any changes, omissions, or other updates that are not included on the published map set and that are important for hikers to be aware of will be posted here.


If you have any errors or updates to report, please leave a comment on this page or contact Jeremy Apgar by clicking here.



- - - Error - On map 104, the legend symbol for county route number is incomplete as it is missing the number within the sign.  Three instances of the county route symbol on map 104 are also missing the route number, including county route 52 heading west out of Ellenville and county route 27 north of Routes 55/44 and southeast of Kerhonkson.  This omission was due to a production error dealing with the specialized inks used to print the Tyvek maps.




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