What needs testing in the store?

Most product data is imported from D5 where it seems to be correct so the details do not need to be verified. Note: the current content of the books/maps, etc. are from D5 early last year, e.g. newer products are not there. Those changes will happen automatically when we convert.

We need all things to be tested on IE and one of Chrome/Firefox (I have never seen them behave differently). IE in particular needs stress testing to make sure that the Review button at the bottom of the checkout page is there and works. This checking does not depend on what is in the cart at that point. It may depend on whether you are logged on or not.

Depending on whether you are sufficiently privledged or not you may be able to choose the test transaction method of payment. If you can use it. Otherwise you will get an error when you submit the a real transaction (this will work when we are live). Use Visa cc 4111111111111111, code 111 and date that is in the future.

When you go to the checkout page the browser will complain about the SSL certificate. The certificate is self signed (free) but works the same as a real one. Just accept it. 

The completeness, wording, order and understandability of the following pages are important:


  • donatenow
  • product/memdonate (the join/renew menu item does not point to this page - which it will when we go live)
  • one book, one map, one other, one combo (it doesn't make any difference which one you choose)
  • cart
  • checkout (the green box at the top of the page will be changed completely - ignore its current content) (suggested replacement text welcome - may just go away)
  • review
  • catalog/40/books
  • catalog/15/maps 
  • catalog/757/combos
  • catalog/16/logogoods
Tax and discount computations need to be checked.
All of the above need to be test as on a non-logged in user (anonymous) and as any logged on user, one a member and one not a member.
Do at least two purchases (anything) by the same (email address) anonymous user. 
On the checkout page on D5 there is a block in the left column with 5 links called About the store. This block is not yet on D6 but will be when we go live (same content as D5). The content of those links currently has lots of errors that need fixing (even on D5). There might be a further tweak to them needed for D6.