Trail Conference Conservation Corps


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Our Purpose

Train, enable and empower future conservation leaders by teaching sustainable trail building and stewardship techniques, while engaging and teaching community volunteers on the responsible use and care of open space and addressing the needs of land managers.

Our Goals

Community Volunteers
Recruit, train, deploy, manage and retain an increasing number and diversity of volunteers.

Corps Members
Provide high quality learning experience to service members while performing meaningful service duties.

Inform a broad constituency on responsible trail stewardship, recreation, the value of open space, to improve access to open space and quality trail experiences and the Trail Conference mission.

Trails and Lands
Improve trail and land quality through implementing sustainable building and restoration solutions.

Our Key Principals

  • Integration of community volunteers into the program
  • Corps members will not replace staff or existing volunteers, designed to aid and enhance existing capacities
  • Skills training is an essential component for ensuring a positive experience for corps members and community volunteers alike
  • Address land manager’s trail and land stewardship needs


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In 2015 our Corps Crews:

Built, maintained, and restored over



Restored over



Leveraged over

610 VOLUNTEERS in completing over 24,723 SERVICE HOURS


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TCCC Crews:

Megalithic: The Megalithic Trail Crew serves in Bear Mountain State Park on a major relocation and restoration effort of the Appalachian Trail.

Invasive Strike Force: The Invasive Strike Force works throughout the New York and New Jersey area, mapping and eradicating invasive species.

Palisades: The Palisades Crew serves in Sterling Forest building and rehabilitating trails, to meet sustainable trail standards.  This season the crew is focusing on the construction of the Redback/Eagle multi-use trail loop.

Taconic: The Taconic Crew serves in the Fahnestock, Hudson Highlands State Park, and Breakneck Ridge areas, in order to restore existing trails to meet sustainable trail standards.  This season the crew is focusing on the restoration of Undercliff and Wilkinson Trails.

Highlands: The Highlands Crew serves on the Highlands Trail in New Jersey assessing and addressing sustainability issues along the 100 mile stretch of trail.



We are an AmeriCorps Education Award Program through The Corps Network.


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